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"egoque ipse multa quae nesciebam
scribendo me didicisse confitear."
Augustine, de trinitate 3, pro. 1

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A work in progress quickly becomes feral. . . . it is a lion you cage in your study. As the work grows it gets harder to control. . . . You must visit it every day and reassert your mastery over it. If you skip a day, you are, quite rightly, afraid to open the door to its room. You enter with bravura, holding a chair at the thing and shouting, "Simba!"
 Annie Dillard, The Writing Life


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See also numerous items below including esp. Bryn Mawr Classical Review, Bryn Mawr Medieval Review, Recentiores, and Traditio

Books by J. O'Donnell:

  UK Edition by Profile Books.

Selected Articles and Reviews on Late Antiquity by J. O'Donnell

  • 'Paganus,' Classical Folia 31(1977) 163-69
  • 'The Career of Virius Nicomachus Flavianus,' Phoenix 32(1978) 129-43
  • 'Demise of Paganism,' Traditio 35(1979) 45-88
  • 'The Inspiration for Augustine's De civitate Dei,' Augustinian Studies 10(1979) 75-79
  • 'Augustine's Classical Readings,' Recherches augustiniennes 15(1980) 144-75
  • 'Liberius the Patrician,' Traditio 37(1981) 31-72
  • 'The Aims of Jordanes,' Historia 31(1982) 223-40
  • 'Salvian and Augustine,' Augustinian Studies 14(1983) 25-34
  • 'The Authority of Augustine', Augustinian Studies 22(1991), 7-35
  • 'St. Augustine to NREN: The Tree of Knowledge and How It Grows', The Serials Librarian 23.3/4 (1993), 21-41
  • "The Virtual Library: An Idea Whose Time Has Passed", in Okerson and Mogge, edd., Gateways, Gatekeepers and Roles in the Information Omniverse, (Washington DC, 1994)
  • 'The Holiness of Gregory', Gregory the Great: A Symposium (ed. J. Cavadini: University of Notre Dame Press, 1995), 62-81.
  • 'Augustine's Idea of God', Augustinian Studies 25(1994) 25-35.
  • 'The Pragmatics of the New: Trithemius, McLuhan, Cassiodorus', forthcoming in a collective volume, The Future of the Book.
  • "Texts and Commentaries": experiments in on-line publication: de vera religione 1.1, epistula 151, soliloquia 1.1.2-6.
  • "Augustine's de civitate dei"
  • "Saint Augustine", Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • "The Missing Link"



    Apart from numerous items indexed in Bryn Mawr Classical Review and Bryn Mawr Medieval Review, see also reviews of:

  • P.R. Doob, The idea of the labyrinth, originally in Comparative Literature Studies 29(1992) 210-14.
  • response to three reviews of my Augustine: Confessions, Augustinian Studies 25(1994) 231-36.
  • Essay review of R. Herzog, Restauration et renouveau, a new history of fourth-century (A.D.) Latin literature.

  • Articles, etc., on cultural practices ancient and modern


    'Augustine: Late Have I Loved Thee': educational video (37 minutes), written and narrated, produced by Della Robbia Productions, October 1992. 

    Publications edited by James J. O'Donnell (in whole or in part)

    Bryn Mawr Classical Review:

    published since 1990, BMCR carries reviews of recent books in classical studies. This link leads to the gopher archive of "back issues": to subscribe on a continuing basis, send mail to majordomo@brynmawr.edu with nothing on the Subject: line and the message "subscribe bmcr-l". (A short history of the journal appeared in the 1995 proceedings of the meetings of the North American Serials Interest Group.) (See also The Medieval Review, formerly "Bryn Mawr Medieval Review".
    Later Latin Texts and Contexts -- monograph series published by the University of Michigan Press, embracing all aspcts of post-classical Latin culture. Volumes in print to date include:

    Bryn Mawr Commentaries

    Texts with annotation for use by intermediate and advanced language students (1984- ), here listing only post-classical Latin titles (numerous other classical Greek and Latin titles in the series).

    Passio Sanctarum Perpetuae et Felicitatis, ed. J.W. Halporn (1984)
    Concilium Romarici Montis, ed. P. Pascal (1993)
    Einhard, Vita Karoli Magni, ed. J.F. Collins (1985)
    Erasmus, Stultitiae Laus, ed. J.F. Collins (1991)
    Historia Apollonii Regis Tyrii, ed. D. Konstan/M. Roberts (1985)
    Hrotsvitha, Dulcitius and Paphnutius, ed. P. Pascal (1985)
    Medieval Latin Lyric, ed. P. Rainey (1992)
    Petrarch, Select Letters, ed. C. Kallendorf (1987)
    Prudentius, Psychomachia, ed. R. Burton (1989)
    Waltharius, ed. G. Wieland (1986).