by James J. O'Donnell

Copyright and published 1979 (University of California Press); "Postprint" 1995

Copyright by James J. O'Donnell: may be read or copied without prior permission for any noncommercial use. Quotation and citation permitted with attribution. (N.B.: links will be added from time to time, hence it is probably better to point to this site than to attempt any copying/mirroring/etc.)

Table of Contents

Explanatory note: This book was published in 1979, had a successful life in print until selling out in 1993. At that point, I reclaimed the rights to the book from my valued collaborators at University of California Press and began preparing this hypertext version "postprint". For the moment it includes the original text as it was published, with the footnotes as hypertext links (marked by highlighted numbers in double brackets). A bibliographical supplement has been added. Over time, I hope to link this to other resources, to add new material, and to make the WWW page the site of a virtual second (and ongoing) edition of this work. As that work progresses, additional links will appear in the text files that simply highlight words or phrases; such links differ from the numerical footnote calls, which should facilitate distinction of original material form the added links. Comments welcome. (Because the original was published before the microcomputer arrived, this version has been created by scanning the printed book and proofreading the results. I am grateful to my student, Victor Cai, for his assistance in this matter. Any remaining errors will be corrected as I hear of them: messages to