Concilium Romarici Montis

(The Council of Remiremont)

This is a story about nuns who are just a little bit naughty and settle down with each other to talk about what sort of men they like. It was written in Latin in the middle of the twelfth century. What we present here is a "Bryn Mawr Commentary" on that work. "Bryn Mawr Commentaries" present basic texts of classical Greek, classical Latin, and post-classical Latin literature with the kind of annotation needed by students and scholars who are still learning the languages. They assume that you know the basics of morphology, vocabulary, and grammar, and offer additional assistance specific to the particular text. This commentary was written by Paul Pascal, professor emeritus of Classics in the University of Washington and published in print form in 1993. Like the other volumes in the series, it is available for purchase (for information:, but as an experiment we present it here in WWW form. Every note in the commentary has been dynamically linked to the passage in the text to which it refers, so you should be able to read the Latin text. If you are puzzled by something and see that it is highlighted, click on it and it will take you to that note in the commentary; you may then return to the text as soon as you have read the note. To begin, you may very well wish to read the Introduction, or you may go straight to the Text. It is also possible to read the Commentary as a continuous text, but that's only about as much fun as reading the owner's manual on a lawnmower you don't own. There is also a brief Bibliography. We welcome comments and suggestions: again, send e-mail to

J.J. O'Donnell
23 March 1994