Boethius (c.480-c.525 CE) was philosopher, poet, politician, and (perhaps) martyr.  His Consolation of Philosophy was unremarked in its own time and a late-blooming best-seller three hundred years later.  Its vogue lasted most of a thousand years.  This site provides: Also available, courtesy of the Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum project, T. Mathiesen director, Indiana University is the Latin text of Boethius' de musica with some added features.

The International Boethius Society and its journal, Carmina Philosophiae, will be of interest to many who read this page. 

This page was created for the fall 1994 Boethius Internet seminar, which offered "credit" and grades from the University of Pennsylvania to four doughty participants from around the world, as well as the lively experience of auditing to hundreds more. The page is maintained as a resource for students and scholars and will doubtless be the basis of future teaching as well. For further information, contact This page is an index to the materials for that course. Click here for the assigned readings from the Consolation for each week of the term of the fall of 1994.  The complete log of seminar postings is available, and that log also has a searchable index.

Topics for the student of the Consolation: