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The text given here is that of Wilhelm Weinberger, from volume 67 of the Vienna Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum; there are later texts of the Consolatio by Bieler in volume 94 of the Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina, and by K. Büchner (Heidelberg 1947).
The following titles are the best places to enter the wide field of Boethian scholarship; all contain detailed bibliographies for further study.

L. Obertello, Severino Boezio [two volumes] (Genoa 1974); encyclopedic treatment of Boethius's life and works and a full and annotated bibliography.

H. Chadwick, Boethius: The Consolations of Music, Logic, Theology and Philosophy (Oxford 1981); best general treatment of biographical issues in a single volume.

P. Courcelle, La Consolation de Philosophie dans la tradition littéraire: Antécedents et posterité de Boèce (Paris 1967); abundantly documented examination of the traditions on which Boethius drew in the Consolatio and of the literary influence of the work.

P. Courcelle, Les lettres grecques dans l'occident de Macrobe à Cassiodore (Paris 1948), Englished in 1969 as Late Latin Writers and Their Greek Sources

M.T. Gibson, ed., Boethius: His Life, Thought and Influence (Oxford 1981); a collaborative volume emphasizing the medieval reception of Boethius.

N.H. Kaylor, The Medieval Consolation of Philosophy (New York 1992) -- a bibliography
For fullest current bibliography, see the continuing volumes of L'Année Philologique