Course Homepages

J.J. O'Donnell

In the evolution of the WWW, I have been creating course homepages since 1994. Here is a collection, none with guarantees of currency or accuracy beyond the date when the course was last taught (noted on this page). The symbol [F] marks a "freshman seminar", a vital Penn institution but also a marker that the intent is less comprehensive and advanced than other courses might be.

  • Erasmus (course homepage under construction: spring 2002)
  • The Unknown Augustine (course homepage: spring 2000)
  • Worlds of Late Antiquity (course homepage: spring 1995)
  • The Future of the Past (course homepage: fall 1999) [F]
  • Cultures of the Book (course homepage: fall 1997) [F]
  • Cultures of the Book (course homepage: spring 2001) [offered at Yale]
  • Latin Letter-Writing (course homepage: spring 1998)
  • Latin Prose Composition (course homepage: spring 1999)