Latin Prose Composition

Latin 430
Spring 1999
Tuesday, 1:30-4:00
Bennett 300
J.J. O'Donnell
Office:  3401 Walnut, Suite 230A
Phone:  417-5024

The course seeks to assist students in improving their command of the Latin language:

No previous experience in writing Latin is expected (apart from what you may have done in beginning Latin courses); students who have studied Latin prose composition previously are unlikely to benefit from this course.


Course requirements:

Tentative outline of assignments:

Date Topics discussed Written Assignment due Latin author for discussion
January 12 Basics of Latin prose   English samples
January 19 Indirect discourse Exercise 4A Caesar
January 26 Relative clauses Exercise 6A Cicero
February 2 Expressions of purpose and result Exercise 11A Sallust
February 9 Independent uses of the subjunctive Exercises 14A and 15A Livy
February 16 Indirect questions Exercise 19A Tacitus
February 23 Expressions of mood and mode Exercise 22A TBA
March 2 Pronouns Exercise 24A Apuleius
March 9 SPRING BREAK --- ---
March 16 Participles Exercises 45A, 46A Ammianus Marcellinus
March 23 Ablative Absolute Exercise 52A Augustine
March 30 Conditional sentences Exercise 53A Ennodius
April 6 Causal clauses and expressions Exercises 57A and 59A Vulgate Bible
April 13 "Qui clauses" Exercise 61A Chancery style
April 20 Review of strategies Exercises 63A and 64A Erasmus

Everything you need to know about writing and speaking Latin.