The Latin Bible

The complete text of the King James Version is available here from the CCAT gopher server. Note that it offers full text and a search function. A word search of the Latin Vulgate is also available. Other biblical texts are available on the same server through gopher to

This is a page of the "Codex Argenteus", the precious early manuscript of the New Testament in the Gothic language; image courtesy of James Marchand. Marchand also supplies the Latin text of the prologue to the Gospels in the Codex Brixianus, an important text for medieval Latin biblical studies; an English translation is also provided. Similarly, Auxentius' letter about Wulfila, the translator of the Gothic Bible, is also available in Latin and in English. Two Goths of interest to Biblical scholars were Sunnia and Fretela, to whom Jerome's Letter 106 was addressed, on the difficulties encountered in translating the Psalter.