Dr. Ibrahim M. Oweiss


Dr. Oweiss is an educator and an international economic advisor. He joined the faculty of the Department of Economics at Georgetown University in 1967 after having served on the faculty of the University of Minnesota and Western Maryland College. Dr. Oweiss was a visiting professor of economics at Harvard University. He also taught at Johns Hopkins University. While on leave from Georgetown University, he was appointed in the Egyptian Cabinet as First Under-Secretary for Economic Affairs in August 1977 and with rank of Ambassador, he held the position of the Chief of the Egyptian Economic Mission to the United States headquartered in New York.

Dr. Oweiss earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Alexandria University in Egypt majoring in economics and political science, while his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in economics were earned from the University of Minnesota in the USA. Among the positions he held prior to his departure to the United States was the Director of the Department of Industrial Projects in Cairo.

As an international economic advisor, he worked for several governments and multinational corporations in the USA and abroad.

In addition, Dr. Oweiss is the President of the Council on Egyptian-American Relations.  In the past, he held several volunteering positions among which the Chairman of the Board of Faith & Hope USA (1975-77) as well as that of the Foundation of the Jones Institute at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk (1983-90) after which he was voted as an Honorary Chairman for life. He was elected for two terms as the President of the Association of Egyptian-American Scholars (1984-88). Dr. Oweiss was one of the founding members of Georgetown University Center for Contemporary Arab Studies as well as the College of Commerce and Economics at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. For a brief time, Dr. Oweiss was an advisor to former President Jimmy Carter after having left office in 1983 and was one of the Professors of President Bill Clinton.

Dr. Oweiss authored over fifty scholarly publications among which were: Petrodollar Surpluses, Arab Civilization, The Political Economy of Contemporary Egypt, and in a pioneering work on oil revenues, he coined the term "Petrodollars".  The "Oweiss Demand Curve" was first presented at Oxford University.

In addition to other national and international honors, President Sadat awarded Dr. Oweiss with Egypt's Order of Merit, First Class. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth sanctioned his admission to the order of St. John. In addition, he holds the Grand Cordon of the Order of Mohammed Ali Pasha and the Knight of the Order of the Queen of Sheba.

Dr. Oweiss is married to the former Miss Céline Lesuisse. They have one daughter Yasmeen and one son Kareem.



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