Cristina Sanz


I have pursued a research program that looks at the individual variables and pedagogical conditions that affect language development in multilinguals. With time, my research has evolved into an inter-disciplinary research program that focuses on multiple interactions among those factors, bridging the fields of bilingualism and classroom second language acquisition. Some of the questions that I am interested in answering fall within traditional studies on bilingualism: Does bilingualism affect cognition? If so, what is the role of access to bilingual education -biliteracy? Others fall squarely within the domain of second language acquisition research: Does teaching grammar help? Other questions bridge both fields: Why do bilinguals learning a third language 'shine' in the absence of grammar instruction? Does bilingualism enhance aptitude, working memory capacity, motivation, or learning strategy use for use in L3 learning?



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Current Interests

  • Systems Second Language Acquisition: The interaction between individual differences and pedagogical variables in language development
  • Bilingualism & Cognition. The bilingual as experienced language learner
  • Study abroad research and practice
  • Technology in second language research and teaching
  • Issues in language program design and direction

The Latin Project: A study on the interaction between external and internal factors in adult language acquisition

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