Cristina Sanz

IRL Catalan Lectureship: courses and activities

Institut Ramon Llull Catalan Lectureship. The teaching of Catalan has a long and healthy tradition at Georgetown that began with my colleague Professor Thomas Walsh in 1982. This tradition, unusual for a European minority language, along with Georgetown’s reputation in philological studies, inspired me to write a successful proposal for a visiting faculty position sponsored and financed by the Catalan government. The lectureship is now in its tenth year, and has enjoyed much success –it has grown from 1 to 3 courses with funding growing accordingly.

Visit our Facebook page for information on the cultural activities promoted by the lecturship:

Hora del cafè (weekly); Cicle de Cinema Català (5 weeks, every Spring semester); Diada de Sant Jordi (April 23 rd): 12 hours of Catalan Culture.

Course descriptions

SPAN-007 Introduction to Catalan

Fall only

This is a communicatively oriented course designed with two goals in mind: 1) to help the student understand Catalonia and Catalan culture and their role in Spain and Europe; 2) to provide the tools to facilitate the student's learning of Catalan language, with an emphasis on oral communication and reading skills. Basic knowledge of a Romance language is required. Credits: 3 Prerequisites: None

SPAN-226 Intermediate Catalan

Spring only

This course is designed to fulfill students' needs as follows: 1) to develop their ability to communicate satisfactorily in Catalan in everyday practical situations; and 2) to acquire some of the skills necessary for effective reading and writing in Catalan. Three key components that will assist you in attaining these goals are VOCABULARY, LANGUAGE and CULTURAL AWARENESS, and PRACTICE/PARTICIPATION. The greater your vocabulary and awareness of the Catalan language, the better you will be able to use the language for communicative purposes.Different aspects of Catalan culture that will be introduced in reading passages which will assist you in building a cultural awareness, which is essential to language learning.

At the end of the course, the students will be ready to take the exam leading to one of the Certificats Oficials de Llengua Catalana, if so desired

SPAN-246-01 Sym: Catalan Culture/Society

Spring only

This is a content course taught in Catalan. Through readings (both electronic and hard copy), audiovisual materials, guest and student presentations, the course will cover topics in Catalan literature, visual arts, history, geography, and gastronomy. Spanish proficiency required. Credits: 3 Prerequisites: None