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Commentary Cons. Phil. Book 3 Metrum 4

Metrum 4

Worldly offices do not convey true honor.

Meter: Phalaecean hendecasyllable (glyconic + bacchiac) alternating with Alcaic decasyllable (hemiepes + bacchiac).

line 1
Tyrio: Another reference to the royal purple: cf. 2M5.9.

line 2
comeret: < como, "dress, adorn."
lapillis: "stones, gems."

line 4
luxuriae: luxuriae . . . saeuientis: genitive of description.
Nero: cf. 2M6 (scan the name with both syllables short).
saeuientis: luxuriae . . . saeuientis: genitive of description.

line 6
indecores: predicative; they were unseemly because they came from Nero.
curules: sc. sedes, ceremonial chairs of office.

line 7
beatos: modifies honores (line 8).

line 8
Quos: For consistency, Quos here should be lower case.
miseri: nominative plural masculine.

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