Dr. George V. Wilson

The best way to contact me is via email to wilsong@georgetown.edu

Here at Georgetown University, I am a Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics.

Teaching at Georgetown

Fall 2007:  Ling-466 Machine Translation

Other Courses:
Fall 2006:    Ling-367 Computational Tools for Linguists
Spring 2004:  Ling-467 Information Retrieval 
Spring 2002:  Ling-360 Perl Programming

Most of the time, I work for The MITRE Corporation in McLean, Virginia. Amongst other areas, I have worked in Computational Linguistics, Information Retrieval, Corpus Linguistics, Information Extraction, Expert Systems, Parallel Computing and Optimization.

If you are interested in Corpus Linguistics, you might like to look at my Usage Demo   OR   my Dynamic Acronym Server

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