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Dominantly, our group has been interested in magnetic properties of nanostructured materials, including both nanoparticles and nanowires. We have used ligand exchange to graft small clusters into nanostructured materials for MRI contrast agents, and also investigated luminescence in copper halide framework structures. New directions include molecular superlattices, as well as novel nanowires syntheses of superconducting materials.

Our approach is to develop a precursor approach to nanostructured materials, as well as chemical transformations of preformed nanostructured materials. We are also interested in novel solvents such as molten salts, hydrothermal synthesis, and metal fluxes. Typical characterization tools include: X-ray powder diffraction (new Ultima IV), magnetization measurements (QD SQUID), TEM (several high resolution instruments at the University of Maryland Nano Center), and neutron scattering experiments (National Institute for Standards and Technology).

Congratulations to Will Boncher for receiving the 2012 Pope Award.

Congratulations to Michele Pablico and Swini Kar for completing the PhD.

Best of luck in medical school for Emily and Zach.

Congratulations to Kyle Pires, for his award from the Chemical Society of Washington, Jan 2012.

Read about undergraduate researcher, Zach Reese profiled recently on Georgetown’s webpage in November 2011.

Will Boncher and Chelie Pablico were awarded travel and registration awards for the Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute conference, in Costa Rica, August 2011.

Congratulations to Chelie Pablico for her Poster Award at the Nanomaterials Symposium at Johns Hopkins University, in March 2011.

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