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Simon J. Blanchard

Beyer Family Term Associate Professor of Marketing
Georgetown University

CV (as of 5/13/2019): PDF

Trained both in consumer psychology and quantitative methods, Simon studies consumer decision making via a combination of experimental research and statistical modeling - particularly as applied to personal finance, and categorization. At Georgetown, he teaches Analytical Problem Solving and Digital Advertising to MBAs.

He is a frequent contributor to the media. He and his research have been covered in outlets such as C|Net, CBS News, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, and Psychology Today. For a list of media mentions, click here.

Selected Publications (Last 5 years)
  • Blanchard, Simon J., Mahima Hada, Kurt A. Carlson (2018). "Specialist Competitor Referrals: How Salespeople Can Use Competitor Referrals for Nonfocal Products to Increase Focal Product Sales." Journal of Marketing, 82 (4), 127-145. [PDF]
  • Blanchard, Simon J., Daniel Aloise, Wayne S. DeSarbo (2017). "Extracting Summary Piles from Sorting Task Data." Journal of Marketing Research, 54 (3). [PDF] [Technical Web Appendices] [Code]
  • Kettle, Keri L., Remi Trudel, Simon J. Blanchard, Gerald Haubl (2016). "Repayment Concentration and Consumer Motivation to Get Out of Debt." Journal of Consumer Research, 43 (3), 460-477. [PDF] [Technical Web Appendix]
  • Blanchard, Simon J., Kurt A. Carlson, Jamie D. Hyodo (2016). ”The Favor Request Effect: Requesting a Favor from Consumers to Seal the Deal.” Journal of Consumer Research, 42 (6), 985-1001. [PDF]
  • Carlson, Kurt A., Jared Wolfe, Simon J. Blanchard, Joel C. Huber and Dan Ariely (2015). ”The Budget Contraction Effect: How Contracting Budgets Lead to Less Varied Choice.” Journal of Marketing Research, 52 (3), 337-348. [PDF]
  • Blanchard, Simon J., Kurt A. Carlson, and Margaret G. Meloy (2014). ”Biased Predecisional Processingof Leading and Non-Leading Alternatives.” Psychological Science, 25 (3), 812-816. [PDF] [Code]
  • Kim, Sunghoon, Simon J. Blanchard, Wayne S. DeSarbo, and Duncan H.K. Fong (2013). ”Implementing Managerial Constraints in Model Based Segmentation: Extensions of Kim, Fong, and DeSarbo (2012) with an Application to Heterogeneous Perceptions of Service Quality.” Journal of Marketing Research, 50 (5), 664-673. [PDF] [Code]
Awards & Service Highlights
  • AMA Academic Council Member (2018-2021)
  • Co-Chair (with Debora Thompson) of the 2019 11th Triennial Invitational Choice Symposium
  • Editorial Review Boards: Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research and International Journal of Marketing Research
  • 2017 Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar
  • Recipient of the 2017 Faculty Research Award, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University
Softwares and Tools

Seatmaplab: A platform for locational choice experiments.

Publication Compilation Database

Data files: Evidence-based Recommendations for Designing Free-Sorting Experiments

  • We collected data from 36 (card) sorting tasks via a large experimental design. As a complement to the paper, we're making all our datasets available.
  • 1. Original Article (SSRN). 2. Data files (zip).