Selected Bibliography

by James J. O'Donnell


The surviving works of Augustine comprise a little over five million words; a complete edition fills at least a dozen volumes. This list arranges the works by contents, and within each section works are alphabetized. Generally accepted dates of composition are given, but note that for many of the longer works a range of dates is given signified by two dates connected by a hyphen, while for others whose exact date of composition is known two dates separated by a slash indicate approximation. (The standard work on the chronology is that of S. Zarb, Chronologia operum sancti Augustini [Rome, 1934], but research has continued apace; see particularly A.M. LaBonnardiere, Recherches de chronologie augustinienne [Paris: Études augustiniennes, 1965].)

The * designates titles for which older English translations exist such as may commonly be found in large libraries; translations currently in print in major are specified by abbreviations.

Principal series of editions of Latin texts are:
To locate Latin texts of all the church fathers see the Clavis Patrum Latinorum (Steenbruge [Belgium] 1961).

I. Early Writings (386-391): (omitting items listed in categories below devoted to specific controversies)

II. Scriptural exegesis. The numerous collections of "questions" are extremely various in character.

III. Anti-Manichean Writings.

IV. Anti-Donatist Writings.

V. Anti-Pelagian Writings. Except for the two longer works against Julian (items 2 and 15), all of these works are controversial pamphlets.

VI. Pastoral Treatises and Minor Controversial Works.

VII. Miscellaneous.


Biographical and Historical:
Christian Doctrine, Theology, and Exegesis:
Christianity and Society:
Confessions (see also biographies above):
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