Traditio celebrates in 1995 fifty years of achievement as a leading journal of ancient and medieval history, thought, and religion, drawing on contributions from European and American scholars. Originally a place of refuge for scholars from war-torn Europe, it has become a distinguished meeting place for original scholarly work from around the world. The 1995 issue of Traditio celebrates that past in several ways, but also importantly welcomes the future with this WWW site. Presented here are the introductory essay from that fiftieth anniversary volume, and two important tools for accessing the achievement of the journal:

  • Index of volumes 1-50 by Subject
  • Index of volumes 1-50 by author

    The editors of Traditio in 1995 are:

    Charles H. Lohr
    Elizabeth A.R. Brown
    Brian E. Daley
    James J. O'Donnell
    Richard K. Emmerson
    J.N. Hillgarth
    Elizabeth Parker

    Traditio is published by Fordham University. Editorial correspondence and subscription requests should be directed to the Managing Editor, c/o Department of Classics, Fordham University, Bronx, NY 10458.