Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy: Some questions

For papers due 22 February, any question on this list is an acceptable topic. Paper length still approximately 1000-1200 words. Other topics are of course acceptable as well and I'm happy to discuss beforehand, but all of these are fully satisfactory.

1. How does the character Boethius differ from the narrator?

2. Is Lady Philosophy real? If not, is Boethius using philosophy to escape into a fantasy world?

3. What difference does it make that "Philosophy" and "Fortune" are depicted as women?

4. Books 2 and 3 seem to repeat each other (e.g., each proving that wealth won't make you happy): why?

5. What are the poems doing in the book?

6. Could a Christian have written this book?

7. What is fate? How does it differ from fortune or providence?

8. What's wrong with Boethius' argument proving that God's foreknowledge does not affect man's free will?

9. What does the author of this book want you to do after you read it?

10. Is Boethius innocent?