Where will I find the time?

There are real costs in time and training for faculty. New gadgets, new skills, new ways to teach, these are all costly in the currency many of us value most. How to think about this? I find this approach valuable:

There are a lot of things about teaching that have always been frustrating in one way or another. It's hard to have the kind of contact with students I would like; it's hard to give them the kind of visual materials I would like; it's hard to keep up a conversation with a lot of individual students over time; it's hard to keep the students' attention on the course on the five days of the week it doesn't meet. So if I let myself think of the network as a tool to use selectively and thoughtfully to work on problems like that, problems I already have, ones I've long since gotten used to being discouraged by, then I can use the technology to make a difference for myself in short order. If I sit down instead to think up neat things to do with a computer, I'd better budget that time to recreation. But if I think of the computer as a suddenly powerfully improved tool for my own work, my love for my day job will carry me over the humps that the computer inevitably throws up at me.