One way in which the WWW enriches what is available may be seen by having a look at the two undergraduate senior theses of Mr. Todd Moore of Hamilton College. In a world in which student "papers" are transient exercises, he has shown how it is possible to make his serve a community already. He had more fun and learned more than in at least some conventional theses, and he leaves behind at Hamilton both a resource and an example for others.

What I now want to see is the Ph.D. thesis on-line that turns itself immediately into a teaching resource. The "thesis" itself may still need to be impressed on dead tree material, but what about a corresponding WWW-site that not only embodies the research and insight of the thesis, but constructs it in a way that is immediately of pedagogical application. Would not the neophyte Ph.D. be better served by finding a way to turn all the specialized work of the thesis into something useful in the classroom? And would not the challenge of finding a way to make that specialized work pedagogically relevant to undergraduates be itself a valuable way to spend some time at the turning point of career from student to teacher? If anyone has seen examples of this, a message to will get them linked to this page.