Try one of these that suits your fancy:

Les Tres Riches Heures -- dazzling images from one of the most famous illuminated manuscript books of the western middle ages. The resolution on images over the network is less than what you get from traditional slide projection; but images can be created that have much higher resolution (to save for the day when projection is better), and the level of resolution available is certainly sufficient for many uses -- e.g., picture study the night before an exam in an art history survey course.

Civil War Social History -- a research report on work in progress led by Professor Edward Ayers of the University of Virginia to create a data archive of extraordinary depth and richness with which to explore the impact of the Civil War on two cities, one northern, one southern. This project demonstrates vividly the way resources for research and resources for teaching will come together in a single whole: beginning students and advanced scholars will both work with the same dataset, but ask different questions and follow different paths through material of high quality and almost limitless range.

Jerusalem on Mosaic -- images, sounds, texts, historical and contemporary.

Academe This Week (CHE On-Line) -- highlights and extracts from the Chronicle of Higher Education, including the full text, up-to-date, of all the job advertisements in this academic journal of record.

Institute for Advanced Technology -- working papers and project reports from the most innovative and ambitious center for computer-aided research in the humanities in the country.