Support for Penn faculty

Jay Treat (, manager of the Prep Center for SAS faculty and TA's, esp. in the humanities, located in 633 Williams has prepared this page. He can also help you get in touch with other staff of Educational Technology Services with expertise in other areas, or you should feel free to contact Jack Abercrombie (, Director of ETS.

Internal Resources

Data Transfer and Conversion.

You can use our equipment to convert Macintosh files to DOS files and vice-versa. For example, you can convert a WordPerfect 6.0 document on a PC disk to a MicroSoft Word document on a Macintosh disk. Or, you can convert a PICT graphic on a Macintosh disk to a bitmap graphic on a PC disk.

Format Conversion

You can use our expertise to convert files for use in various fonts; for example, from Beta Code to your favorite Greek font.

Optical Character Recognition.

You can use our equipment to read a page of text or a whole book into the computer. You can then edit the resulting document in your favorite word processor.

Image Digitizing

You can use our equipment to scan a picture or a slide and create a computer version of it.

Electronic Publishing

You can put your text, graphics, sounds, and movies on the Internet so that your class (or the world) can use it.

Electronic Class Discussions

You can create a discussion list on the Internet for the students in your class. They can share thoughts with one another at any time of day or night.

Electronic Meetings

We can show you how to use PennMOO to hold live classes and other meetings.

Electronic Courses

You can offer a course on the Internet.

Page Layout

You can use our equipment to precisely control the layout of a publication.


You can print your class materials on our printer. You can print from any machine in our Prep Center, or you can print directly from any Macintosh on ethernet.

Video Recording

We can film nearly anything you want.

Video Digitization

You can use our equipment to play a video tapes and create a computer version of it. You can edit the resulting movie.

Sound Recording

You can use our equipment to play an audio tape and create a computer version of it. You can edit the sounds.


You can store large amounts of data on a CD-ROM created in our office. Store images, text, movies.