Some MOO's (multiple-user domain, object-oriented) to visit (this page created early 1995):

Diversity University: 8888

Diversity University is an experiment in interactive learning through the internet. There are classrooms, research labs, a student union, and even a quad. The educational possibilities of teaching via synchronous, text-based virtual realities have been explored in numerous ways at Diversity University, including long-distance learning, writing projects, and textual simulations of historical events.

JaysHouseMOO: 1709

JaysHouseMOO is currently a place where a group of people does research and development into information structures, tools for collaboration, and cohesive simulated environments. That is, we do cool things with networks and hang out on them.

LambdaMOO: 8888

The first MOO, built by the creator of MOO code, Pavel Curtis at Palo Alto Research Center, Xerox, LambdaMOO takes place inside and on the grounds of a large, sprawling mansion. The house has existed in one form or another for literally hundreds of years, passing through the hands of a bewildering sequence of owners. Most of the owners have taken the opportunity to add to the mansion, extending it in dozens of different directions, each with a completely different vision and architectural style. In short, this house is a bit of a mongrel.

MediaMOO: 8888

MediaMOO is a professional community for media researchers. It is a place to come meet colleagues in media studies and related fields and brainstorm, to hold colloquia and conferences, to explore the serious side of this new medium.

MuMOO: 7777

MuMOO is a vitual community where people meet to interact in new and interesting ways, and to create rooms, objects and actions which others may find interesting, challanging or amusing. MuMOO recognizes that every citizen has certain basic rights and responsibilities, as outlined on the charter.

PostModernCultureMOO: 7777

PMC-MOO is a virtual space designed to promote the exploration of postmodern theory and practice, a place for intellectual meandering. Here, we mix the unstable "real world" of postmodernity with the solid virtuality of MOOspace.

IATH-MOO: 8888

IATH-MOO is sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, at the University of Virginia. This MOO is a online conference facility and meeting place for those interested in the work of the Institute and its fellows. Real names and valid email addresses are required to maintain a permanent account on IATH-MOO.

DhalgrenMOO: 7777

Dhalgren's theme is inspired by the postmodern science fiction of Samuel Delaney, William Burroughs, Philip K. Dick, and others. Set in the nearly abandoned city of Bellona, it is almost isolated from the world by a mysterious catastrophe which continues to distort perception and the laws of physics. The time is early 21st century. Pockets of society remain, people in denial, strange cults, street kids called "scorpions" who wear holographic "light shields".

How to log into and interact at a MOO

(This page prepared by Penn's Lee-Ellen Marvin aka Luna@MediaMOO)