Since about 1990, the world of electronic scholarly journals, especially those available on-line, has been booming. E-journals provide rapid and economical distribution to a wide audience of high quality academic material. The author of these pages has particular interest in pointing out the success of Bryn Mawr Classical Review and its sister Bryn Mawr Medieval Review, soon to be joined by an archaeological sibling; these journals provide timely book reviews (right now, almost exclusively titles from 1993-94) of recent scholarly books, both distributing the reviews to 2000+ subscribers by e-mail and archiving them on servers where they can be searched and retrieved at will. Other pioneers include Psycoloquy and Postmodern Culture, but there are now dozens and more every week. Have a look at the NewJour archive, wtih over a thousand announcements of new e-journals by now. There are both on-line and print sources for finding titles.