Papers on Augustine by J.J. O'Donnell

  • J.J. O'Donnell, "Augustine's de civitate dei" (article written 1983)
  • J.J. O'Donnell, "Extended Remarks on Augustine's Confessions"
  • Propositiones Quodlibetales (after Wittgenstein)
  • `St. Augustine to NREN: The Tree of Knowledge and How It Grows', The Serials Librarian 23.3/4 (1993), 21-41
  • `Augustine's Idea of God', Augustinian Studies 25(1994) 23-34
  • `The Authority of Augustine', Augustinian Studies 22(1991), 7-35
  • Three learned reviews, by Daniel Sheerin, Patout Burns, and George Lawless, of my commentary on the Confessions appeared in Augustinian Studies 26(1995); by the courtesy of the editor, I was allowed to comment on the reviews, and that reply will appear in the same pages under the title, `To Make an End Is to Make a Beginning'.