Gregory the Great

Gregory the Great was pope from 590-604 and left behind a substantial literary heritage. His most ambitious work and one of the most popular works of scriptural exegesis in the middle ages was the Moralia in Iob, commenting the book of Job in 35 books running to over half a million words. The flavor of the work may be found from the highly "confessional" last page of the text, available here in Latin and in English. See also my study, 'The Holiness of Gregory'.

A draft translation, made in the early 1980s and never satisfactorily revised, of the first five books is provided here:

As of 18 September 1994, only the first book is in HTML with footnotes to click on; the others appear in a rougher, all-ASCII form, with the footnotes missing. Better later, si deus nos adiuvet. Comments, corrections, suggestions, improvements to