James J. O'Donnell

James J. O'Donnell is University Professor at Georgetown University. He has published widely onthe history and culture of the late antique Mediterranean world and is a recognized innovator in the application of networked information technology in higher education. In 1990, he co-founded Bryn Mawr Classical Review, the second on-line scholarly journal in the humanities ever created. In 1994, he taught an Internet-based seminar onthe work of Augustine of Hippo that reached 500 students which deserves to be called the first MOOC. He has served as a Director, as Vice President for Publications, and as President of the American PhilologicalAssociation; he has also served as a Councillor of the Medieval Academy of America and has been elected a Fellow of the Medieval Academy. He serves as Chair of the Board of the American Council of Learned Societies.


"This book will be the starting point for an entire rethinking of Augustine's career andbody of writings. What Pierre Courcelle did for Augustinian studies half a century ago, O'Donnell has done for our time."
      --Garry Wills


Augustine: A New Biography, published by Ecco Books (an imprint of HarperCollins) in April 2005.

Augustine: Sinner &Saint, published by Profile Books (London UK) in April 2005.

His The Ruin of the Roman Empire received similar praise on appearance in 2008. His next book, on late Roman paganism, is under editorial review. Further projects develop.