Avatars of the Word: from Papyrus to Cyberspace


by James J. O'Donnell

This page offers supplementary materials to illustrate and continue the discussion initiated by Avatars of the Word, published in June 1998 by Harvard University Press: Table of Contents. A Spanish translation was published in 2000. The full text is now available in the ACLS History E-Book project for subscribing participants.

In March 1999, I appeared at a Cambridge Forum and delivered a talk "From Papyrus to Cyberspace", followed by commentary and discussion (one-hour program, available here in RealAudio).

Reviews of Avatars of the Word:

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Michael Keller in Science for 3/12/99

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David Staley in Journal of the Association for History and Computing (April 1999).

Elias Crim in intellectualcapital.com, 21 October 1999 -- refreshingly cranky and unconvinced.

"Readers Diary" part I and, from a week later, part II -- from the A Common Reader book catalogue.

From Cal State - Dominguez Hills -- a teacher's very engaged response, with links to several further reviews.

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