Augustine of Hippo

Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) took great pains to create and project a powerful image of himself beyond the churches and towns where he wrote and taught in Roman north Africa. He succeeded in this self-presentation beyond his wildest dreams.

Augustine may have been the first saint to find a home page on the Internet and he has dwelled here, in a comfortable corner of the afterlife, since early 1994. In that year, he was the subject of the first of a series of seminars conducted over the Internet. The materials here were first gathered for that purpose, but have grown since. Suggestions and additions are always welcome. To explore the page, please use the navigation bar at the left.

: published 2005. Reviews and discussions linked at my home page. Note particularly the image commissioned by the New York Times to illustrate a review.

April 2001: Augustine in Algeria: In April, 2001, an international conference on Augustine was held in Algiers and Annaba (= Hippo Regius) under the joint sponsorship of the Algerian and Swiss governments. I have prepared a very informal trip report with photographs that may be of interest to students and scholars.

Late Have I Loved Thee -- 30 minute video presentation of ideas and texts of Augustine, narrated by J. O'Donnell, with Seth Sibanda as the voice of Augustine. Right click on this link and choose "Save target as" (in Windows) to download to desktop. Requires Quicktime. MP4 format also available on request to

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