[P.G.M. III.1-164 is a multipurpose magical recipe, part of which deals with restraining charioteers (lines 15-30). The instructions begin with the ritual drowning of a cat while reciting a formula to Sekhmet-Bastet, a "cat-faced" goddess mentioned in several other Egyptian magical texts.]


P.G.M. III.1-59:


Take the cat, and make [three] lamellae, one for its anus, one for ..., and one for its throat; and write the formula [concerning the] deed on a clean sheet of papyrus, with cinnabbar [ink], and [then the names of] the chariots and charioteers, and the chariot boards and the racehorses. Wind this around the body of the cat and bury it. Light seven lamps upon [7] unbaked bricks, and make an offering, fumigating storax gum to it, and be of good cheer. Take its body [and preserve] it by immuring it either in a tomb or in a burial place ... with colors, ... bury ... looking toward the sunrise, pour out (?) ..., saying:

"Angel, ... [SEMEA], chthonic ... lord (?), grant [safety?], ... O chthonic one, in [the] horse race, IAKTORE; hold ... restrain ..., PHOKENSEPSEUARE[KTATHOUMISONKTAI], for me, the spirit ... the daimon of [the] place ... and may the [deed] come about for me immediately, immediately; quickly, quickly, because I conjure you, at this place and at this time, by the implacable god ... THACHOCHA EIN CHOUCHEOCH, and by the great chthonic god, ARIOR EUOR, and by the names that apply to you; perform the NN deed" (add the usual).

Then take up the water in which the drowning took place, and sprinkle it [on] the stadium or in the place where you are performing [the rite].

The formula to be spoken, while you are sprinkling the drowning water, is as follows: I call upon you, Mother of all men, you who have brought together the limbs of Meliouchos, even Meliouchos himself, OROBASTRIA NEBOUTOSOUALETH, Entrapper, Mistress of corpses, Hermes, Hekate, [Hermes?], Hermekate, LETH AMOUMAMOUTERMYOR; I conjure you, the daimon that has been aroused in this place, and you, the daimon of the cat that has been endowed with spirit; come to me on this very day and from this very moment, and perform for me the NN deed" (add the usual, whatever you wish). (trans. J.M. Dillon in H.D. Betz (1986))


[The process continues, with the word IAEO being written on the first and third lamellae and a more elaborate conjuration spell being written on the second lamella.]