A mosaic from Tunisia which depicts venatores fighting leopards. Mid-third century.



Source: First publication: A. Beschaouch, "La Mosaïque de Chasse à l'amphithéâtre découverte à Smirat en Tunisie," CRAI 1966, 134-57. Cf. K.M.D. Dunbabin (1978), 67-9 and Plates nos. 52-3.




Another mosaic depicting an amphitheater scene, from Thelepte, a town almost 200 miles southwest of Carthage. The mosaic, which has been partially restored, depicts a lion and a venator engaged in combat, while spectators and another lion look on. Late-third century.


Source: Picard, G.-Ch., BAC (1943-5), 123-6. Cf. K.M.D. Dunbabin (1978), 69-70 and Plate no. 55.




A detail showing a venator and lion, from Djemila, 200 miles west of Carthage.



Source: Lassus, J., in Ant. Afr. 5 (1971), 200-7 and fig. 6. Cf. K.M.D. Dunbabin (1978), 76 and Plates E, 45, 66-7.