[[1]] Legge notes that "The sea-water, described in 14.4.4, is some sort of "sea-foam" mixed with the "sweet substances" which burns but will not burn magician if poured on him while flaming."


[[2]] F. Legge, pg. 98n.2 states that icthyokolla is "presumably fish-glue." Salamanders were used in sympathetic magic, and in this case the salamander would have been a powder made from calcined salamander. However, the word is in doubt a nd might be "millipede" or "hart's tongue fern," the latter being possible because "fern-oil is said to be good for burns."


[[3]] Legge notes that this was probably chalk or gypsum.


[[4]] F. Legge, pg. 98n.6 notes: "The solution of alum would be effective without any other ingredients."


[[5]] F. Legge notes that the cyanus is a dark-blue substance, perhaps steel or lapis-lazuli.



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