D.T. 270:


I ask... by the great god and the Anteros and by the one who has a falcon on his head and by the seven stars, that at the moment when I have composed this, Sextilius, son of Dionysia, will sleep no more, that he burn up and be made mad, and that he neither sleep nor be able to sit nor speak, but that he has me in his mind, Septima, daughter of Amoena, that he is consumed, mad with love and desire for me, that the soul and heart of Sextilius, son of Dionysia, be consumed with love and desire for me, Septima, daughter of Amoena. And you, Abar, Barbarie, Eloe, Pachnouphy, Puthiemi, grant that Sextilius, son of Dionysia, never find any sleep but be consumed with love and desire for me, that his spirit and body be burned up and every part of the entire body of Sextilius, son of Dionysia. And if not I shall descend into the cave of Osiris and I will destroy the mummy and send it into the river which carries it, for I am the great Decan of the great god Achrammachalala. (trans. D. Soren et al (1990), 245)