D.T. 266:


…I entrust to you who… that you send against her harsh spirits and other infernal beings so that… Vettia, whom Optata bore, not disdain me, but rather that she do whatever I desire, and indeed with your helping that she not sleep because of her love for me and not be able to have food or delicacy…. I bind Vettia, whom Optata bore, in terms of her mental faculties, intellect and will, so that she loves me, Felix, whom Fructa bore, from this very day and hour, and so that she forgets her father and mother, her relatives, all her friends, as well as other men, all for the love of me, Felix, whom Fructa bore. May Vettia, whom Optata bore, have only me occupying her mind… [not] sleeping may she be consumed restlessly, and be refreshed… may Vettia whom Optata bore burn with love and desire for me. (trans. G. Renberg)