D.T. 242:


I invoke you, whoever you are, spirit of the dead, IONA, the god who established earth and heaven. I bind you by oath, NEICHAROPLEX, the god who holds the power of the places down beneath. I bind you by oath, ..., the god ... of the spirits. I bind you by oath, great AROUROBAARZAGRAN, the god of Necessity. I bind you by oath, BLABLEISPHTHEIBAL, the firstborn god of Earth "on which to lie(?)" I bind you, LAILAM, the god of winds and spirits. I bind you, ... RAPOKMEPH (?) the god who presides over all penalties of every living creature. I bind you, lord ACHRAMACHAMAREI, the god of the heavenly firmaments. I bind you, SALBALACHAOBRE, the god of the underworld who lords over every living creature. I bind you, ARCHPHESON(?) of the underworld, the god who leads departed souls, holy Hermes, the heavenly AONKREIPH, the terrestrial.... I bind you by oath, IAO, the god appointed over the giving of soul to everyone, GEGEGEN. I bind you, SEMESEILAM, the god who illuminates and darkens the world. I bind you, THOBARRABAU, the god of rebirth. I bind you, ..., the god who... the whole wine-troughs.... I bind you, AOABAOTH, the god of this day in which I bind you. I bind you, ISOS, the god who has the power of this hour in which I bind you. I bind you, IAO IBOEA, the god who lords over the heavenly firmaments. I bind you, ITHUAO, the god of heaven. I bind you, NEGEMPSENOPUENIPE, the god who gives thinking to each person as a favor. I bind you, CHOOICHAREAMON, the god who fashioned every kind of human being. I bind you, ECHETAROPSIEU, the god who granted vision to all men as a favor. I bind you, THESTHENOTHRIL . CHEAUNXIN, who granted as a favor to men movement by the joints of the body. I bind you, PHNOUPHOBOEN, the Father-of-Father god. I bind you, NETHMOMAO, the god who has given you (the corpse) the gift of sleep and freed you from the chains of life. I bind you, NACHAR, the god who is the master of all tales. I bind you, STHOMBLOEN, the god who is lord over slumber. I bind you, OE IAO EEEAPH, the god of the air, the sea, the subterranean world, and the heavens, the god who has produced the beginning of the seas, the only-begotten one who appeared out of himself, the one who holds the power of fire, of water, of the earth and of the air. I further bind you, AKTI...PHI ERESCHEICHAL NEBOUTOSOUANT, throughout the earth (by?) names of triple-form Hekate, the tremor-bearing, scourge-bearing, torch-carrying, golden-slippered-blood-sucking-netherworldly and horseriding (?) one. I utter to you the true name that shakes Tartarus, earth, the deeps and heaven, PHORBABORPHORBABORPHOROR BA SUNETEIRO MOLTIEAIO Protector NAPUPHERAIO Necessity MASKELLI MASKELLO PHNOUKENTABAOTH OREOBARZARGRA ESTHANCHOUCHENCHOUCHEOCH, in order that you serve me in the circus on the eighth of November and bind every limb, every sinew, the shoulders, the wrists, and the ankles of the charioteers of the Red Team: Olympos, Olympianos, Scorteus, and Iuvencus. Torture their thoughts, their minds, and their senses so that they do not know what they are doing. Pluck out their eyes so that they cannot see, neither they nor their horses which they are about to drive: the Egyptian steed Kallidromos and any other horse teamed with them; Valentinus and Lampadios... Maurus who belongs to Lampadius; Chrysaspis, Juba and Indos, Palmatus and Superbus... Boubalus who belong to Censorapus; and Ereina. If he should ride any other horse instead of them, or if some other horse is teamed with these, let them [not] outdistance [their foes] lest they ride to victory. (trans. J. Gager (1992), no. 10)