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Alternative Cinema

The American Film Institute

L’Art du Cinema (an on-line film magazine with an interesting array of articles [many in French])

"Reading a Film Sequence":

Film & Meaning: An Integrative Theory, Jan Douglas:

Cinema 16

Cine Cubano

Cinema Latin American Resources

Cinema Sites

Cinema Studies at the University of Barcelona


Film Scouts on the Rivera (The Cannes Film Festival)

Facets Website

Hollywood Online

Instituto Cervantes

Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia

The Internet Movie Database

Latin American Video Archives
124 Washington Place
New York, NY 10014 (212)463-0108 Fax: (212)243-2007

The Library of Congress

Marilyn Monroe

Materiales: El cine espanol, no.23

Movie Poster Web Page

Movie Premieres from 1996

Movie Purchase

The Panorama of Mexican Cinema
Cinema Studies at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico

Sundance Film Festival

Search Engines and other Film Uses

Yahoo en Espanol



La Consejeria de Educacion y Ciencia
(newspapers and magazines from Spain and Latin America

Cyberspace viewing of festivals

Electronic Archive on Human Rights

Film Censorship Archive,_Carmela.0950

Hollywood Encyclopedia

Latin American Network Information Center

Newspapers and Journals from Latin America

La Nacion (principal newspaper of Costa Rica)

HAPI Online, the Web version of Hispanic American Periodicals Index allows you to search for citations to articles, book reviews, documents, and original literary works from 400 social science and humanities journals going back to 1970. HAPI Online includes works published throughout the world which relate to Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean basin, the U.S.-Mexico border region, and Hispanics in the United States.

Ministry of Education and Culture, Spain

Movies from Around the World

Textbooks at Reduced Prices

Yahoo en Espanol

Information Sources on World Languages and Cultures:

Around the World in 80 Clicks
80 live webcams from around the globe.
Celebrations Around the World
Holiday customs from around the world.

The Embassy Page

Language resource that includes language maps, lists of common or endangered languages, and analysis of language families.

Interactive geography games

View and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations.

Institute of International Education

International Association of Student TV and Radio
A network of 270 student television and radio stations in 23 European Countries.

Links to United States Embassies and Consulates Worldwide

Multilaterals Project
Texts of international treaties on many subjects.

National Geographic
Explore various aspects of the world utilizing Quicktime VRs and Java.

New Traveler
Travel magazine features tips and advice about many aspects of international travel.

Newspapers of the World
Links to newspapers from 12 world countries.

Spanish Language Radio on the Web:

Travel and Tourism Federal Services
Links to United States Embassies and Consulates Worldwide

United Nations home page

A Web of On-Line Dictionaries in 194 Languages