Martin Heidegger

Translations of Heidegger's Jargon

Professor William Blattner

As you can see, this page is very much a work in progress. Please email me corrections or additions that would fill in some of the blanks.
And please pardon some of the formatting issues. Again, work in progress.

German Word Macquarrie & Robinson My Current Preference My 1999 book Haugeland Basic Problems (Hofstadter) History of Concept of Time (Kisiel) Stambaugh
Abständigkeit distantiality distantiality conformism
angehen matter
artikulieren Articulate Articulate
Aufdringlichkeit obtrusiveness
Auffälligkeit conspicuousness
Aufsässigkeit obstinacy
Aufweisung presentation
aufzeigen point out exhibit
Augenblick moment of vision momentary vision instant instant
ausdrücklich explicit express Hofstadter Kisiel
Auslegung interpretation interpretation interpretation
Ausmachen make up make up
Ausrichtung directionality orientation
Ausstand what is still outstanding
Ausweisung demonstration
bedeuten signify mean signify mean
Bedeutsamkeit significance significance significance
Bedeutung signification meaning signification meaning
befindliches disposed affective affective
Befindlichkeit state-of-mind disposedness affectivity findingness affective self-finding
begegnen encounter (reversed grammar)* encounter encounter
behalten retain retain retain retain
Beruhigung tranquilization
Besorgen concern concern (with) carefulness
besorgend concernful
Bestimmt definite determinate determinate
Bestimmung determination determination
Bewandtnis involvement involvement involvement role function
German Word Macquarrie & Robinson My Current Preference My 1999 book Haugeland Basic Problems (Hofstadter) History of Concept of Time (Kisiel) Stambaugh
das Da the There the There the There here-there
Damals at-that-time
Dann Then Then
Dasein Dasein Dasein dasein the Dasein
Eigenschaft property
eigentlich authentic authentic owned (authentic) authentic
Eigentlichkeit authenticity ownedness authenticity ownedness
Ent-fernung de-severance dis-tancing
Entfernung deseverance distancing
Entfremdung alienation
Entwurf (auf) projection projection (upon) projection
enthüllen unveil unveil unveil unveil
Erbe heritage
Erfassung grasping
erschliessen disclose disclose disclose disclose disclose
Erschlossenheit disclosedness disclosedness disclosedness disclosedness disclosedness
erwarten expect expect expect
faktisch Factical factical factical factical/factual
Faktizität Facticity facticity facticity facticity/factuality
Faktum (pl. -a) Facts factum (pl. -a) facts facts
fassen conceive
fürchten für fear for fear for
fürchten um fear about fear about
fürchten vor fear in the face of fear in the face of
Fürsorge solicitude caring for caringness
Ganze, das whole, totality
Ganzheit wholeness / totality
gegenwärtigen making present enpresenting enpresenting enpresenting enpresenting
Gehalt content
Gerede idle talk
German Word Macquarrie & Robinson My Current Preference My 1999 book Haugeland Basic Problems (Hofstadter) History of Concept of Time (Kisiel) Stambaugh
Geschehen historizing happening historizing historizing
Gegenwart present Present present
Geschichte history history history history
Geschichtlichkeit historicity historicality historicality historicality
Geschick destiny
gewärtig sein await await await expect
Gewesenheit having-been beenness beenness beenness having been
Geworfenheit thrownness thrownness thrownness
gleich-ursprünglich equiprimordial equi-originary
gliedern articulate articulate
Grund basis ground ground ground ground
Historie historiology historiology or discipline of history
innerweltlich within-the-world intraworldly intraworldly intraworldly
innerzeitig within-time intratemporal intratemporal intratemporal
Jetzt the now the Now the Now the Now
jeweilig current current current
Konstitution Constitution constitution constitution constitution
das Man the “they” the Anyone the one the one
Mitbefindlichkeit disposedness-with affectedness-with co-findingness
Mitdasein Dasein-with Dasein-with co-Dasein
Mitsein Being-with being-with being-with being-co
nächst closest primary
(but varies with context)
Rede discourse discourse discourse telling
rufen to call to call
     anrufen to address to address to address
     aufrufen to summon
Schicksal fate
schuldig guilty guilty responsible
German Word Macquarrie & Robinson My Current Preference My 1999 book Haugeland Basic Problems (Hofstadter) History of Concept of Time (Kisiel) Stambaugh
Seiendes entity entity entity entity being
Sein Being being being being being
sein bei being alongside being amidst being-amidst being amidst
Sein mit/ Mitsein being-with being-with co-being
Seinkönnen potentiality for Being ability-to-be ability-to-be ability to be
Seinsart manner of being manner of being sort of being sort of being mode of being
Seinsverfassung being-constitution make-up of the being being make-up
Seinsweise way of being way of being
Selbstsein Being-one's-Self, Being-its-Self being-onself being-oneself
Sinn meaning sense sense sense
Stimmung mood attunement attunement attunement
Temporalität Temporality temporalitas temporality Temporality
sich überliefen handing down
Umgang dealings dealings dealings dealings
Umsicht circumspection circumspection about-sight circumspection
Umwelt environment environment
Undienlichkeit unserviceability unserviceability
uneigentlich inauthentic unowned inauthentic
unheimlich uncanny uncanny unsettled
ursprünglich primordial originary originary
German Word Macquarrie & Robinson My Current Preference My 1999 book Haugeland Basic Problems (Hofstadter) History of Concept of Time (Kisiel) Stambaugh
verbergen conceal
verdecken cover up cover up
sich verfangen entangle in oneself
Verfassung constitution constitution make-up make-up
Verfallen falling falling falling falling
vergangen past bygone bygone bygone
Verhalten comportment comportment comport comport comportment
verharrend persisting
veröffentlicht made public publicized
vorfinden finding present
vorhanden present-at-hand occurrent occurrent occurrent extant
Vorhandenheit presence-at-hand occurrentness occurrentness occurrentness extantness
(also at-handness)
vorlaufen anticipate forerunning forerunning
Weltlichkeit worldhood wordliness worldliness worldishness
wiederholen repeat retrieve retrieve retrieve
wirklich actual actual actual
Woraufhin on the basis of which in terms of which
Zeitlichkeit temporality temporality temporality timeishness
Zeug equipment paraphernalia paraphernalia equipment equipment Kisiel
zuhanden ready-to-hand available available available handy
Zuhandenheit readiness-to-hand availableness availableness availableness
Zuhandensein Being ready-to-hand being-available being-available being-available
zumeist for the most part usually usually usually
zunächst proximally primarily primarily primarily
Zusammenhang context nexus nexus contexture


* M&R reverse the grammar of “encounter” vis à vis Heidegger's German. Where Heidegger writes “das Seiende begegnt dem Dasein,” “the entity encounters Dasein,” M&R write “Dasein encounters the entity.”

I am experimenting these days with using Latin words to translate Heidegger's latinate German words when there is a problem distinguishing the otherwise preferable English translation. In this case, Heidegger's "Faktum" and "Tatsache" both suggest the English "fact." Some translators use captalization in this case, but in general I don't like to use capitalization to distinguish translations.

I will underline leading letters of capitalized words when the capitalization is used to distinguish the word from a lower-case complementary translation. So, "Fact" and "fact."

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