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General American Literature sites

Colonial Period: to 1700

Eighteenth Century

Early Nineteenth Century: 1800-1865

Colonial Period: to 1700

Native American Oral Literatures

Cultures in Contact: Voices from the Imperial Frontier

Cultures in Contact: Voices from the Anglo-Americans' "New World"

Tales of Incorporation, Resistance, and Reconquest in New Spain

Eighteenth Century

Tradition and Change in Anglo-America

Enlightenment Voices, Revolutionary Visions

Contested Boundaries, National Visions: Writings on "Race," Identity, and "Nation"

Missionary Voices in the Southwest

  • Fray Carlos Jose Delgado (1677-post 1750)
  • Francisco Palou (1723-1789)

Early Nineteenth Century: 1800-1865

Myths, Tales, and Legends

Explorations of an "American" Self

Issues and Visions in Pre-Civil War America

The Flowering of Narative

The Emergence of American Poetic Voices