Baraniuk Lab


If you are interested in participating in our clinical experiments, please contact.

  1. 1)Email #1:

  2. 2)Email #2:

  3. 3)Phone: 202-687-8231

  4. 4)Fax: 202-687-9886

6) Mail: Room 3-PHC, 3004F, 3800 Reservoir Rd NW, Washington DC 20007

If you have any clinical inquiries, please contact:

1) Phone: 202-444-6200

2) Fax: 202-444-6217

Tips on Traveling and Accommodations.

Hotel Recommendations

We can help patients reserve a patient rate room at the Savory Suites. Patient rates at the Savory suites vary and are subject to change throughout the year from approximately $115 - $145 per night. Please call us about cost and reservations at the Savoy suites. We will reserve the room on behalf of our patients but the patients will pay for the hotel room with a major credit card or check. Depending on the study you are participating in, in addition to your participation award, we will reimburse up to $200 in travel expenses (hotel, cab, flight, etc).

Savoy Suites

2505 Wisconsin Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20007

(202) 337-9700

Holiday Inn Hotel Rosslyn

at Key Bridge

1900 N Fort Myer Drive

Arlington, VA 22209

(703) 807-2000

Hyatt Arlington

1325 Wilson Boulevard

Arlington, VA 22209

(703) 525-1234

State Plaza Hotel

2117 E Street NW

Washington, DC 20037

  1. (202)861-8200

*Best way to get to Georgetown from this hotel is in a cab

If you are flying, the two major airports that service the Georgetown area are Reagan National Airport (DCA) or Dulles International Airport (IAD). It is not recommended for you to fly into Baltimore Washington International (BWI) because it is very inconvenient to travel to and from Georgetown.


Other Hotel Recommendations:

If you stay in a hotel in Rossyln Virgina, right across the key bridge to Georgetown, there is a FREE georgetown campus shuttle from Rossyln to Georgetown campus. Please use to find the best prices for you. To view the Georgetown shuttle schedule form Rossyln, VA please click here.