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Welcome to the Waldman lab website. We are interested in the discovery, functional analysis, and therapeutic targeting of tumor suppressor genes in glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), which is the most common and deadly primary tumor of the brain. Over the past five years we have identified a number of new GBM tumor suppressor genes, including STAG2, p18INK4c, and PTPRD. In addition to identifying new GBM tumor suppressors, we use a variety of advanced techniques in somatic cell genetics such as human somatic cell gene targeting to study the role of the PTEN tumor suppressor in the pathogenesis of GBM. We are also working together with our close collaborator David James at UCSF to evaluate the potential efficacy of cdk4/6 inhibition as a therapeutic strategy for GBM. Please follow the links above for information on our specific research interests, people in the lab, and our recent publications.


Todd Waldman

Todd Waldman MD, PhD
Professor of Oncology
Director, MD/PhD Program
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
3970 Reservoir Road, NW
NRB E304
Washington, DC 20057
(202) 687-1340

Curriculum Vitae
(updated February 2016)


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