Deborah Tannen



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Authored Books

Gender and Discourse

Talking Voices:
Repetition, Dialogue and Imagery in Conversational Discourse

That's Not What I Meant!:
How Conversational Style Makes or Breaks Relationships

Conversational Style:
Analyzing Talk Among Friends

Lilika Nakos



Edited Books

Family Talk:
Discourse and Identity in Four American Families

Linguistics, Language, and the Real World:
Discourse and Beyond

Handbook of Discourse Analysis

Framing in Discourse

Gender and Conversational Interaction

Linguistics in Context:
Connecting Observation and Understanding

Languages and Linguistics:
The Interdependence of Theory, Data and Application

Perspectives on Silence

Coherence in Spoken and Written Discourse

Spoken and Written Language:
Exploring Orality and Literacy

Analyzing Discourse:
Text and Talk





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