Deborah Tannen

You Were Always
Mom's Favorite!:

Sisters in Conversation Throughout Their Lives

You're Wearing THAT?:
Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation

I Only Say This Because
I Love You:

Talking to Your Parents, Partner, Sibs, and Kids When You're All Adults

The Argument Culture:
Stopping America's War of Words

Talking from 9 to 5:
Women and Men at Work

You Just Don't Understand:
Women and Men in Conversation

That's Not What I Meant!:

How Conversational Style Makes or Breaks Relationships


You Were Always Mom’s Favorite!:
Sisters in Conversation Throughout Their Lives

What Deborah Tannen did for women and men in You Just Don't Understand, and mothers and daughters in You're Wearing THAT?, she now does for sisters in an illuminating and entertaining book that explores one of the most powerful and precious relationships in our lives.

When you're with a sister, you can laugh your head off, or giggle and be silly like when you were kids.  But she can also send you into a tailspin with just one wrong word.

Sisters talking are tugged by two dynamics—closeness and competition.  On one hand, they strive for the right blend of closeness and independence, always asking, "How are we the same?  How are we different?"  At the same time, their places in the line-up by age can create a power struggle. There can also be an underlying contest, because sisters are continually compared to each other, and families often label each sister in terms of comparison: the bookworm and the athlete, the outgoing one and the shy one; the pretty one and the smart one.  Sometimes it seems you can't think of yourself without thinking of your sister.

With her signature insight and humor, Tannen shares anecdotes from well over a hundred women she interviewed, along with moving and funny stories about her own two sisters. You’ll come away with a profound new understanding, as well as ideas for improving this unique and precious relationship.
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You Were Always Mom's Favourite!

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