TurkCheck: Ensuring that workers cannot participate in multiple studies from the same research project.

Imagine that you have a research project in mind, with two Qualtrics studies that you want to run on mTurk: A and B. You want to prevent participant A, who has taken Study A to later participate in Study B. Should be simple, right?

There are a few ways out there on how you can modify your Qualtrics surveys to check on completed turkIds, but it requires lots of manual labor. TurkCheck allows you to restrict your participants, by project name, using my database system, with minimal work on your part.

Namely, it works through my database, and requires you almost no work on Qualtrics other than: 1) create two (blank) embedded data fields (no actual turkId input required) and, 2) change the end of survey url to one I'll generate for you automatically by clicking the button below. No need to add a bunch of turkIds to your survey flow. The total process is about 3 minutes.

Here's how TurkCheck does it:

What the end results looks like for the mTurk Worker

Once they click your unique link, they will be shown the following box:

where they enter their worker Id. If they have already participated in a related study from the project you defined, they will be shown a message similar to this one:

If we find no match in the database and the turkerId they provide seems valid (e.g., starts with A, is between 13 and 14 alphanumeric characters), they are redirected to your Qualtrics survey.

Once they complete the survey, they will be shown the following thank you message:

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