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Simon J. Blanchard, Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business
Last revised: 10.21.13

Tool: Calculating Pro and Anti Distortion in Multi-Option Choices

As part of our article in Psychological Science, we introduce a measure to calculate distortion to assess whether information was biased to (dis)favor the leader, first trailer, and so on.

Below you will find the SPSS syntax that goes along a Qualtrics survey for a 4 options restaurant choice. Notice that it takes a bit of offer to scramble an unscramble in the control condition, and that is reflected in some complexity in the SPSS syntax as well.

Access the Distortion tutorial files: [LINK]

For Better or Worse: The Academic Job Market & the Transition into Being an (Effective) Assistant Professor.

This is an excerpt of the presentation I gave at the Smeal College of Business PhD student association. Much better guides exist here, and here. Read them first.

Mine: [PDF]