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Simon J. Blanchard, Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business
Last revised: 10.21.13

Tool: Calculating Pro and Anti Distortion in Multi-Option Choices

As part of our article in Psychological Science, we introduce a measure to calculate distortion to assess whether information was biased to (dis)favor the leader, first trailer, and so on.

Below you will find the SPSS syntax that goes along a Qualtrics survey for a 4 options restaurant choice. Notice that it takes a bit of offer to scramble an unscramble in the control condition, and that is reflected in some complexity in the SPSS syntax as well.

Access the Distortion tutorial files: [LINK]

Tool: TurkCheck - Ensuring that mTurk workers cannot participate in multiple studies from the same research project.

There are a few ways of having Qualtrics check on completed turkIds, but it's pretty painful and requires tons of manual labor. TurkCheck allows you to restrict your participants, by project name, using my database system, with minimal work on your part.

Namely, it works through my database, and requires you almost no work on Qualtrics other than: 1) create two (blank) embedded data fields (no actual turkId input required) and, 2) change the end of survey url to one I'll generate for you automatically by clicking the button below. No need to add a bunch of turkIds to your survey flow.The total process is about 3 minutes.

Access TurkCheck: [LINK]

For Better or Worse: The Academic Job Market & the Transition into Being an (Effective) Assistant Professor.

This is an excerpt of the presentation I gave at the Smeal College of Business PhD student association. Much better guides exist here, and here. Read them first.

Mine: [PDF]