Papers on housing and credit markets:

                      Two Extensive Margins of Credit in Mortgage Markets with Michael Reher, (October 2014)

                      "Housing Demand and Current Account Dynamics" November 2014, Revise and Resubmit at AEJ Macro.

                           "What Drives Housing Dynamics in China? A Sign Restriction VAR Approach" with Tim Bian. (November 2014).

 Dealing with Construction Permits, Interest Rate Shocks and Macroeconomic DynamicsMay 2014

Papers on financial regulation:

"Overborrowing, Moral Hazard and the Structure of Bankers' Compensation" with Juan Pedro Gomez. (November 2014).

"Compensation Contracts and Fire Sales" with Juan Pedro Gomez. (September 2014).

"Lending Standards and Countercyclical Capital Requirements under Imperfect Information” with Natalie Tiernan. (March 2014).

Papers on other topics:

"Savings and Fertility when Having a Child is a Risky Investment " with Paolo Porchia. (August 2014).

       Related note: Grandparents as Insurance against the Risks of Childrearing

"A Real Options Analysis of Dual Labor Markets and the Single Contract" with Paolo Porchia. (May 2013)