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Painting I ARTS-150-02
Professor John Morrell

This course is an introduction to the materials, techniques and concepts used in painting. The class will explore the aesthetic of oil painting, with an emphasis on the principles of visual design, a mastery of paint handling and the development of individual creativity.

Fundamental Drawing is a prerequisite to this course. Students enrolling in Painting I are expected to already understand the basics of composition, rendering and aesthetics, however, no prior painting experience is required.
During the first few weeks, the class will investigate and practice the various techniques of applying paint. This information will be used to develop skills. Issues of practice, technical development, and concepts of how technique is related to aesthetic value and the communication of meaning will be studied.

In addition to technical issues, design concepts will be reviewed, and a number of color studies will be undertaken in order to gain an understanding of color concepts. The basic activity of painting is to cover a surface with color. Paintings, both abstract and representational, are composed of color shapes; therefore, an understanding of color relationships is an important part of being a painter.

In Painting I, an observational approach will be used to study the various aspects of the art. Students will paint still-life arrangements, the self-portrait and interiors as subjects. Each project will be followed by a group (class) critique, in which the purpose of the project and any "visual discoveries" (solutions and
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problems) will be discussed. Everyone is expected to contribute to the discussion. Students can continue to work outside of class on their projects until the final portfolio is due.

Grades will be evaluated from class attendance, critique participation, and a portfolio of all class work submitted at the end of the semester. Projects are evaluated on the quality of the work or the success of the finished paintings,

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