Dr. In Ku Kim-Marshall

Head of the Division of Korean Studies

Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Georgetown University


Autobiographical Sketch:

I was born in Seoul, Korea and I studied German Language and Literature at Seoul National University. After my graduation, I worked as an assistant professor at the Language Research Institute of Seoul National University.

In 1967, I went to Germany in order to study further. I gained my Ph.D. summa cum laude from the University of Hamburg, in Germany. My major was Comparative Education and my minors were German Language and Literature, and Linguistics. During this period I began to research cultural anthropology and history to understand the roots of human cultural heritage and the development of world history. At this time, I developed a deep interest in Korean language, culture, and history.

After my Ph.D. in 1974, I was a research fellow for two years at the UNESCO Institute for Education in Hamburg and was co-author of a book on curriculum for German secondary schools. I also began to teach at Luneburg Teachers College, a position I held for ten years. From 1979, I taught Korean language and culture at the Department of Asian Studies at Bochum University in Germany. While I was teaching, I helped  to compile a Korean language textbook for students.

Since moving from Germany to America in 1986, I have focused on developing  Korean teaching materials and researching teaching methods for Korean as a foreign language.

In 1991, I began to teach Korean at the New Hope Academy, a private school, where Korean is taught as a foreign language from kindergarten to high School. While I was teaching there, I developed many teaching materials for young learners, especially hands-on materials based on Montessori theory. I also wrote a book, “Korean Alphabet  Book for Young Learners.”

In 1995, I established a Korean program at the Korean Cultural Center of the Korean Embassy in Washington, DC and developed a Korean language curriculum for Levels I - III. I taught there until 2004. Since 1994, I have been teaching Korean language and culture at Georgetown University. While teaching at Georgetown, I have written two Korean language textbooks for non-Korean learners, “Step By Step Korean 1” and “Step By Step Korean 2.” I have also written reading books, “Once Upon a Time In Korea …” for elementary readers and “Cultural Readings from Folk Tales, Legends, and History” for intermediate readers to present Korean culture to non-Korean learners. I also have several ongoing projects that I am working on: Step By Step Korean 3 through 15 Verbs; Korean Culture Seen through the Korean Alphabet; Introduction to Korean Classic Literature; Basic Korean Textbook for Young Learners I and II.


Selected publications:

  1. Korean language curriculum for Levels I - III. (Prepared 1996-1998 for the Korea Society and the Korean Cultural Center at the Korean embassy.)
  2. Montessori language teaching methods for Korean: Theory and its adaptation.
  3. The Korean Alphabet: A Picture Book for Young Children.
  4. Once Upon a Time in Korea: An Elementary Reader.
  5. Cultural Readings from Folktales, Legends, and History: An Intermediate Korean Reader.
  6. Step By Step Korean 1 Through 15 action Verbs
  7. Step By Step Korean 2 Through 15 action Verbs
  8. Hands-on Korean teaching materials for young children.
  9. Korean teaching materials for secondary school, especially for listening comprehension and speaking.


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