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Graduated students, dissertation titles, and positions obtained:

Rebekha Abbuhl. Dissertation: “The effect of feedback and instruction on writing quality: Legal writing and advanced L2 learners.” (graduated March 2005).

Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, California State University, Long Beach.

Rebecca Adams. Dissertation: “Learner-learner interactions: Implications for second language acquisition.” (graduated Spring 2004). Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics, University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Takako Egi. Dissertation: “Recasts, perceptions, L2 development.”

(graduated Summer, 2004). Assistant Professor of Japanese Language and Linguistics, University of Florida, Gainsville, now Assistant Professor, Japanese Language and Linguistics, University of Kentucky, Lexington.

Akiko Fujii. Dissertation: “Individual differences in task performance: Aptitude profiles, orientation to form, and second language production in the EFL classroom.”

(graduated Winter, 2005). Instructor, English Language Program, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan, now Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature, University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, Japan.

Jaemyung Goo. Dissertation: “Corrective feedback, individual variation in cognitive capacities, and L2 development: Recasts vs. metalinguistic feedback.” (graduated Spring 2011)Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Second Language Studies, Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana.

K. Seon Jeon. Dissertation: “Interaction-driven learning: Characterizing linguistic development.” (graduated Winter, 2004). Assistant Professor, Linguistics, English Department, Columbia State University, Georgia.

Maymona al Khalil. Dissertation: “Second language motivation: Its relationship to noticing, affect, and production in task-based interaction” (graduated Spring, 2011).

Assistant Professor, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

Jennifer Leeman. Dissertation: “Towards a new classification of input: A study of the effect of recasts, negative evidence, and enhanced salience on L2 development.” (graduated 2000). Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, now Assistant Professor, Spanish Linguistics, Department of Spanish, George Mason University. Tenured, 2006.

Kimberly McDonough. Dissertation: “Exploring the relationship between modified output and L2 learning.” (graduated Fall, 2001).

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. (First position)

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Northern Arizona University. Tenured, 2007, now Associate Professor and Canadian Research Chair, Department of Education, Concordia University, Canada.

Ana-Maria Nuevo. Dissertation: “Task complexity and interaction: L2 learning opportunities and development.” (graduated Summer, 2006). Vice Principal, Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School, now Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgetown University.

Ken Petersen. Dissertation: “Implicit corrective feedback in computer-guided interaction: Does mode matter?” (graduated Spring, 2010), Technical director, Online Assessment and Learning at American Councils For International Education.

Lauren Ross-Feldman. Dissertation: “Task-based interactions between second language learners: Exploring the role of gender.” (graduated Spring, 2005). Adjunct assistant professor, American University, now Adjunct Professor, Teacher Advanced English Program, Kean University.

Rebecca Sachs. Dissertation: “Testing theoretical constraints on the effectiveness of L2 corrective feedback: Learners’ awareness of linguistic targets in relation to individual differences.” (graduated Spring, 2011). Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University.

Bo-Ram Suh. Dissertation: “Written feedback in second language acquisition: Exploring the roles of type of feedback, linguistic targets, awareness, and concurrent verbalization.” (graduated Spring, 2010). Lecturer, College English Program, Seoul National University, South Korea.

Paula Winke. Dissertation: “Individual differences in adult Chinese second language acquisition: The relationships among aptitude, memory and strategies for learning.” (graduated Spring, 2005). Assistant Professor, Second Language Studies, Michigan State University.

Ph.D. students currently mentored (dissertators only):

Mika Hama. “Strategic planning, recasts, noticing and development.” Targeted graduation, Fall 2012.

Phillip Hamrick. Tentative title/topic: “Implicit tallying after explicit learning.” Third year PhD student.

Katie Jeong-eun Kim. “Explicit form-focused instruction and acquisition of implicit L2 knowledge in adult second language acquisition.”

Julie B. Lake. “Comprehension above the sentence-level.”

Corinne Seals. “Multilingual Identity Development and Negotiation Amongst Heritage Language Learners” Projected graduation May, 2013. (co-advisor Prof. Natalie Schilling)

Kaitlyn Tagarelli. “Implicit and explicit learning of a semi-artificial languages: The role of individual differences” Student completed coursework and oral exam (co-advisor Prof. Michael Ulman)

Nicole Ziegler: “The role of interaction on second language learners' acquisition and use of formulaic sequences.”

For a list of students where I have served as a non-mentor committee member, please send me an email to my last name and first initial, followed by the at sign, georgetown, and the usual educational suffix.