Karen Stohr
Georgetown University

Minding the Gap: Moral Ideals and Moral Improvement (under contract with Oxford University Press)

"The Moral Boundaries of Mockery"

"What's Wrong with Contempt?"

"Faith in People and their Projects"

"On Helping Badly"



Bates College, invited lecture, April 2018

American Philosophical Association, invited symposium, Pacific Division Meeting, March 2018

Oxford University and University of Birmingham, Jubilee Centre, conference on "Virtues in the Public Sphere", January 2018
      "Moral Contempt and Moral Faith"

University of Tennessee - Knoxville, invited lecture, October 2017
      "The Moral Boundaries of Mockery"

University of Iceland, conference on "Who's Got the Power?" October 2017
      "Mockery, Contempt, and Social Power"

National Institutes of Health, Department of Clinical Bioethics, May 2017
      "Feminism and Moral Theory"

University of St. Andrews, Workshop on Self-Control, May 2017
      "Cultivating Self-Control through Etiquette"

Johns Hopkins University, invited lecture, March 2017
      "Saturday Night Live and Fiendish Joy"

American Philosophical Association, invited symposium, Eastern Division Meeting, January 2017
      "Civility as Moral Scaffolding"

Creighton University, invited lecture, April 2016
      "Advance Directives and Self-Sacrifice"

Auburn University, conference on "Aristotle and Kant in Conversation," March 2016
      "Knowing Better: Self-Improvement in Aristotle and Kant"

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, invited seminar, March 2016
University of Maryland - College Park, invited lecture, February 2016
      "The Starry Sky Above Me: Living Non-ideally by my Ideals"