Welcome to the World of Bats and Beyond!

Research Theme:

The major goal of our research is to study the auditory processes involved in the coding/decoding, neural integration and perception of communication sounds. We use a systems level approach and multiple techniques to investigate auditory processing within higher levels of the CNS in auditory specialized animals, such as bats and humans. These approaches include single-cell electro-physiology, evoked potentials and functional MRI as well as neuro-anatomical and behavioral techniques in bats. We are at an early stage of conducting EEG/ERP and functional MRI studies in humans. A quantitative methodology incorporating advanced statistical analyses is stressed.


Coming soon to Georgetown: Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Neurophysics/Neuroengineering.


Department of Physiology & Biophysics - Georgetown University
Department of Neuroscience - Georgetown University
The First Conference on Brain and Communication
Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study - George Mason University